Who we are

Volta Group is an Electro Mechanical Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that has expanded over two decades and specializes in rewinding of all types of Electric motors, Generators, Transformers and A/C Compressors up to the capacity of 5MW.

We are the members of Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) – Worldwide, Association of Electrical & Mechanical Trades (AEMT) – UK, IEEE – USA & SICMEMOTORI, Italy.


We use Top quality Raw Materials for Rewinding:

  • Nomex insulation (France). Magnet Wire (Germany & Italy).
  • Varnish and Epoxy (England). Lead Wire (Italy).
  • Thermal Overload and sensor (USA)
  • Poly glass tape and High Voltage Tape (ISOLA, Switzerland).
  • Coil – H.V. & DC (England, India).
  • Bearings – SKF & FAG (Germany, France).
  • Commentator (England and France).


Stock of Spare Parts:

  • Motor's Parts
  • Compressors Parts
  • Electronic Parts
  • Additional Facilities

Bearings, Fans, Terminals, End covers, Flange, Capacitors, Seals, Washers and Carbon Brushes for DC and Variable Speed Motors etc.

Crankshaft, Piston, Connecting Rod, assembly, Valve Plate Assembly, Oil Pump and others.


Automatic Voltage regulators, Diodes, Thyristors, Potentiometers, Resistors, Voltmeter, Ampere Meter and Hz Meter etc.

Also, we have the stock of New Motors (AC-DC), Transformers of different sizes & Power for sale.

Field service support around 24 hour within our range.